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Individuality Meets Exceptionalism

At Naked Faire, we believe jewelry should be more than an afterthought. It's an opportunity for you to share your individualism, style, and self-expression with the world.  While other jewelry stores offer page after page of look-a-like jewelry, we craft items for people who crave originality.

Our collection is for people who have forged their own path in life and want artisan jewelry that reflects their distinct style.

Shopping at our jewelry store offers a plethora of styles and metals for you to explore until you find that one perfect piece that speaks to your sense of self. That moment is what we've built our entire brand around.

You shouldn't be boxed in by 'trendy' jewelry pieces. You deserve edgy jewelry that challenges the status quo. We are proud to say you'll find that level of quality and individualism in our handcrafted jewelry selection.

A Name That Speaks to Authenticity

There is power in a name. Our name, Naked Faire, reflects our core commitment to genuine self-expression and handcrafted artistry.  “Naked” embodies the idea of transparency and, we believe jewelry should be a reflection of your real-self, not trends dictated by others.

The “Faire” part of our name draws inspiration from the concept of “Laissez-faire,” meaning “allow to do.” We champion the “Savoir-faire” (know-how) of our New York artists, allowing creativity to flourish without limitations.

Naked Faire is a celebration of uncompromising individuality and artistic freedom. It’s a platform for you to express your unique style with authentic, handcrafted jewelry.

Committed to An Authentic Collection

Every piece in our collection was chosen based on two qualities: inspiration and expression. Whether you're shopping for unique necklaces or artisan jewelry to complement your style, each item was meticulously crafted by New York artists to inspire self-expression.

Jewelry Defined By Values

Authenticity--We believe how you express yourself on the outside reflects who you are on the inside.

Courage--We dare you to be who you are and wear what you want. Be conscious about the brands you support, and shop with us, knowing we only support real artists right here in the US.

Integrity- Strong ethics are a priority we take seriously. Everyone representing us and how we operate as an organization is held to high standards of integrity.

Artistry--We believe in freedom of self-expression without censorship.

Jewelry Made By Real Artists

Our contemporary jewelry with a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship is 100% made by artists in New York from raw materials and finished jewelry. It was never designed to mimic other designs. It was created to help you tell the world who you are without pricing you out of our collection. Every piece was made in the US for US customers.

Uncompromising & Real

Shop the souls of real artists, representing your values in a selection you won't find anywhere else. Reveal who you really are to the world with jewelry designed to step outside the box and into authenticity. Join us and our customers in rewiring the possibilities for jewelry. Shop our collection today.