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Mission - The Naked Truth

Have you ever owned a piece of jewelry that felt like it was a part of you?
Tried and true. Worn with where you go and what you do.
A staple of your artistic expression that absorbs into your identity.
Produced ethically.            Priced sensibly.
Fashionable?           Absolutely endlessly.
Like patina on a knife, it becomes more personal with life,
Like your favorite vintage jeans that become part of your history,
stitched and scratched with memory,
our jewelry is made with aging in mind.
That’s why we don’t use any plating, which wears off crudely over time;
plating flaking patchy like a peeling paint job.
Let us be your new heartthrob.
Our jewelry is made to last. Sourced from quality materials before it is cast.
Handmade and polished by local masters of the craft.
We aim for a level of care that is unsurpassed.
Attitude imbued, authenticity renewed,
we believe in being real so we face the world nude.
Design that is bold, edgy, and chic.
We are here for the fashion-aligned and the unique
who are genuine with a strong spine, moonshine or fine wine,
one day want to pass art like a shrine down their bloodline.
Those who don’t bend but create the trend.
Who want affordable quality for what they spend.
Girlfriend.                 Boyfriend.
Genderless we ascend.
Workday through Weekend. We don’t pretend.
Please check us out and be our friend.